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About Us

New Zealand Timber and Dunnage Limited (NZTD) uses sustainable products from renewable resources. NZTD supplies ship’s dunnage (treated to ISPM 15 Standard), untreated timber, and environmentally safe, child-friendly, out-door decking and garden timber. NZTD also provides a consolidation and shipping service for the export of New Zealand forest products around the world.

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Our History

New Zealand Timber and Dunnage Limited (NZTD) was incorporated on 18th November 2016. Previously, business was conducted under a different company originally incorporated on 14th March 2002. A change in shareholding and a new focus was behind the change to NZTD in 2016.

The opportunity to supply timber came about from the Director’s dealings in another company, SLM Limited. SLM is a Shipping and Logistics Management company. It specialises in the shipment of timber and other forest products from New Zealand around the world.

In 2002 one of the shipping companies that “Partners” with SLM, asked for some assistance in sourcing ship’s dunnage. Since that time, ship’s dunnage has been supplied within New Zealand and around the world. A few years later, at the request of another shipping line, we began supplying Douglas Fir to the Pacific islands. More recently, we have been asked to supply untreated timber to pallet and box manufacturers, and environmentally-friendly, safe out-door decking and timber.

This co-operation has led us to a point where we now view all our suppliers and customers as some of our best friends…. friends that helps us and friends that we help.

Our Vision

We want to be the pre-eminent company specialising in consolidating and exporting Forest Products, from many producers in New Zealand, to clients overseas.

Over the years, we have gained worldwide experience and contacts. It is our aim to use this experience and these contacts to build the best possible business relationships. We value long term relationships assisting both our suppliers and our clients, ones that benefit us all. We believe that co-operation is the key to long term survival.

We plan to use our experience and contacts to help timber mills and forest product suppliers ship small volumes direct to customers overseas. Through our dealings in SLM we have developed many coordination skills and met many of the forest product suppliers in New Zealand and their customers overseas. It is our vision to enable these overseas customers to buy smaller amounts from many producers in New Zealand and have us at NZTD consolidate the products into one shipment to send them overseas.